Where Do Your Dues Go?

Good question. By contributing 1% of your stipend to your membership, you're making an important contribution to the health of our union and our partners.

Dues Breakdown

Each year, GAU deposits 10% of all dues it collects into its bank account. These are used for the daily operations of our chapter, including purchasing supplies for the office, recruiting, meetings, trainings, and socials.


Fiscal Responsibility

The President and Treasurer collaborate on a budget that they present to the Executive Committee. The Treasurer makes regular financial reports at bi-weekly EC meetings, and the General Membership Meetings held each semester.

Affiliate Dues

The remainder of our dues are collected by UFF to fund UFF and pay for our membership in larger unions. Because GAs earn so little, our dues don't actually cover the full cost of membership in these unions. Dues from faculty members subsidize our costs. We can also apply for additional funds from UFF to subsidize recruitment and training efforts.

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