Our Committees


The Bargaining Committee is the primary research wing of our union chapter. When we present issues at the bargaining table, we need to be at the top of our game. We need to know how FSU compares to other universities, in Florida and around the country, in terms of stipends, benefits, and other employment policies. The more information we have, the better equipped we are to make positive changes for all GAs.

You'll also get to help shape the direction of our proposals at bargaining. The Bargaining Committee assists the Chief Negotiator with drafting language for proposals and devising the most effective strategy for negotiations. It's one of the most interesting ways to get right into the heart of what we do as a union!

To find out more, contact Clancy at chiefnegotiator@fsugau.org



The Communication Committee maintains our chapter website, writes the monthly newsletter, and designs flyers, brochures, posters, and other materials as needed. It's a lot of behind-the-scenes work that's crucial to keeping our membership involved and helping us get our message out there. If you have an eye for graphic design, website maintenance, or clear and effective communication strategies, this can be a great way to help out on projects as they come up.

To find out more, contact Adela at president@fsugau.org

!! The Communications Chair is currently vacant. The Chair leads the committee, from recruiting new members to delegating specific tasks. The Chair is also a member of the Executive Committee, and has a vote in matters of union leadership. Please consider serving in this fun and vital role. !!


Political Action

The Political Action Committee's main mission is to lobby our state legislators on behalf of the union. This often involves visiting the Capitol to meet with Senators and Representatives from all around Florida, sitting in committee meetings during the legislative season, and helping us build stronger relationships with our elected officials.

Here's the deal: FSU has its own highly effective lobbyists who successfully pressure our legislators into passing laws to their benefit - sometimes at our expense! It is absolutely vital that we make our presence known. GAU has several allies at the Capitol who work hard on our behalf, but you could help win even more friends for our cause!

To find out more, contact us at action@fsugau.org



The Diversity Committee is a new part of our chapter. It incorporates the previous International Issues committee and expands its scope to include more forms of representation. With so many different communities to serve, and the unique problems and concerns that arise from them, it's absolutely vital that we hear from as many different voices as possible. This committee attempts to represent that diversity by seeking out marginalized communities and giving them a forum. We need as many different people as possible to be represented here. We're concerns with all forms of diversity, including race and ethnicity, nationality, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, and socioeconomic status. Help join the conversation by becoming a member of this important committee.

To find out more, contact Shanice at diversity@fsugau.org


University Action

The University Action Committee focuses on improving our relationships with the student leadership organizations across FSU. There are so many communities on this campus and it's helpful to stay in close contact with our allies. They're especially interested in the workings of the Student Senate and the Congress of Graduate Students (COGS), both of which are arms of the Student Government Association (SGA). If you want to help us stay informed about other campus groups so that we can better serve the needs of all GAs, this is the committee for you!

To find out more, contact us at action@fsugau.org



The Organizing Committee's primary job is to help, you guessed it, organize events for GAU! Socials, membership drives, ratification votes, orientations, rallies, and protests: if GAU is getting together, the Organizing Committee helps make it happen! They also manage the social media accounts for GAU. Organize our members right through their phones!

Sometimes we just need someone to pick something up from a store, or to help man a sign-in table for an hour or two. This is probably the easiest committee to be a part of, but without it, GAU can't function. If you can spare an hour or two helping out each semester, let us know!

To find out more, contact us at organizing@fsugau.org

!! We have special need of a staff photographer! We do so much as a union, but no one ever thinks to grab a camera. You could be that person! Please consider volunteering to help build a visual record of our chapter's work. !!


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