United Faculty of Florida - Florida State University - Graduate Assistants United (UFF-FSU-GAU) represents and advocates for the interests of its members and all GAs at Florida State University. GAU was founded in 2008 and is the only legally recognized collective bargaining agent for GAs at FSU; we seek to improve working conditions and defend the working rights of all GAs. GAU's first contract was ratified in the Fall of 2010, ensuring that all GAs across the FSU campus receive fair and equitable treatment as students and employees. Since this first contract was negotiated with the university administration,  we have increased the minimum stipend repeatedly, secured multiple across-the-board performance raises, increased the health insurance subsidy, secured Family Medical Leave for all GAs, and advocated for the rights of students, as individuals and as groups, through the grievance process.

The current goals of GAU are to meet and exceed the benefit levels enjoyed by graduate students at other universities with preeminent status. Specifically, we want to achieve 100% health insurance reimbursement subsidies and 100% tuition and fees payment for all eligible GAs.  By coming together, we can make improvements in our lives and do much more together than we can alone. Help us make FSU competitive with other universities in the state of Florida.  More members mean more leverage, which leads to better benefits.

Recent gains from the 2015-2016 bargaining session between GAU and FSU were extensive; it was a full book negotiation, which means that we looked at the entire Collective Bargaining Agreement and made changes to 20 items. You can read the full list of changes here. Some highlights:

  • increased the threshold below which departments cannot unfairly and arbitrarily bar GAs from outside employment, so long as it does not present a conflict of interest, to $7,750 per semester;
  • increased health insurance subsidies afforded to all GAs to keep up with the rising cost of premiums;
  • added stronger protections against overworking GAs beyond what their FTE allows;
  • and increased pay for all GAs, including a new minimum stipend of $12,000 for GAs on a 0.50 FTE appointment and a 3% raise for all GAs paid more than the minimum.


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Recent Updates

Apr 27 2016: Logo Redesign Contest

While our current logo has a special place in our hearts, we'd really like to see a fresh take on it. We're holding a contest to let our members design GAU's new logo!

The EC will screen all submissions and present a selection of finalists to the members to vote (online). The winner will receive a $50 gift card to Publix Supermarket.

Elements of a successful logo should include:

  • A design that uses color, but which can also be used effectively in black and white
  • A distinctive appearance that doesn't infringe on any trademarked designs
  • A professional look that can be used on our website, social media accounts, and other official platforms
  • The ability to place the logo on most backgrounds without impairing its ability to be seen


Deadline Extended: To submit a logo for this contest, please email your design to president@fsugau.org by Wednesday, June 15, 5:00 pm.  Submissions should be formatted as JPG, GIF, or PNG.


Apr 15 2016: New Executive Committee

As we reach the end of the spring semester, we are fortunate to have so many experienced GAU members remaining in leadership positions, and absolutely thrilled to be joined by several new faces! Please join us in welcoming our new Executive Committee:

President: Matt Dauphin
Executive VP: Adela Ghadimi
VP of Membership: Wayne Reed
Treasurer: Tara Baldrick-Morrone
Secretary: Ryan Groom
Grievance Officer: Rachel McCleery
Bargaining Chair & Chief Negotiator: Kimberly Tate Anderson
Organizing Chair: Daniel Tompkins
Diversity Chair: Cocoa Williams
Political Action Chair: Chris Segal
University Action Chair: Netty Lehn

UFF Senators FEA Delegates
Matt Dauphin Rachel McCleery Matt Dauphin
Adela Ghadimi Theodora Naqvi Adela Ghadimi
Wayne Reed Kimberly Tate Anderson Wayne Reed
Chris Segal Netty Lehn Chris Segal
Ryan Groom Ryan Groom
Tara Baldrick-Morrone Tara Baldrick-Morrone


Apr 11 2016: Early Enrollment

Summer is a hard time for GAU. We tend to lose a large number of our members to graduation, and it can be hard for others to pay their dues when summer employment isn't guaranteed. Our allies at FEA know this and have found one way to help us out: Early Enrollment! New members can enroll as members of the union now, but they won't have to pay dues until their August paycheck! Check out the flyer below. Any questions can be directed to our Vice President of Membership.

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