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What's happening in bargaining?

Bargaining Opened: April 9th, 2021

Bargaining Closed: October 22nd, 2021


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Vincenza Antonetta Berardo

Bargaining is one of the many ways that your union fights for you. Every year, the GAU opens up the Collective Bargaining Agreement to negotiate with the FSU administration and negotiates issues ranging from stipends to fees, health insurance to workload protections, and more. The collective bargaining process is one of the clearest examples of union power in action. Without members attending bargaining sessions, making impact statements, and stepping up to join the bargaining committee, the vast scope of this annual undertaking would be impossible. 


Since the GAU was founded over a decade ago, the bargaining team has made great strides in the rights and benefits offered to you today. Health insurance went from being a lottery system with no guarantee of coverage to being guaranteed, paid for 80% by FSU, and including dental, vision, and dependent coverage options. The minimum stipend increased from there being NO floor to how little departments could pay you, to $16,250. We have instituted no-contact remedies for sexual harassment and anonymous reporting procedures where NONE existed before. You now have the right to demand an audit of your work hours and reduce your workload if it goes over the amount specified in your contract. All of this is the result of the power of collective action, and the hard work of our many bargaining teams over the years.


I hope to see you too continuing to fight this good fight.


In solidarity,


Vincenza Antonetta Berardo

Chief Negotiator and Bargaining Chair

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