Member Benefits

All Graduate Assistants benefit from GAU's bargaining efforts - but members enjoy increased benefits, including representation in contract disputes and monthly socials. Joining is simple, and membership only requires 1% of your salary. 

Members dues go to the United Faculty of Florida, our parent union that represents all teachers, professors, and GAs in Florida. Every year, GAU receives a portion of all dues to fund organizing, recruiting, social events, and other union activities


Two free legal appointments to talk with a lawyer about anything not related to your job. (i.e., landlords, wills, etc)

Contact Levine & Stivers for inquiry

(850) 222-6580


Members automatically receive $10,000 in life insurance

$1,000,000 in professional liability insurance

Workload Audits

If you perform work not included in your job description, or if you work more hours than are listed in your contract, GAU will conduct a work audit to ensure your workplace rights are protected. 


In the event of contract violations or grievance disputes, GAU will represent you in negotiations.


Members receive a FREE drink at our monthly social held at Proof Brewing Co., and a free latte, coffee, or frap at our Member Appreciation events. 

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