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Join the Organizing Committee to help with the recruitment effort!

With the help of our Organizing Fellows, supplemental organizers, department representatives, and volunteer organizing committee members, we plan events, recruit new members, and build the strength of FSU-GAU!


What can I do to help with Organizing Committee?

Choose your level of involvement! All support is welcome.


Become an Organizing Committee Member!

Organizing committee members help with planning events, office visits, and other recruitment efforts, such as town halls. Because committee membership is on a volunteer basis, you only contribute as much as you can offer.


Become a Department Representative!

Department representatives serve as the communication bridge between the FSU-GAU Executive Committee and the graduate assistants in every department at FSU. They also help us out with office visits and town halls in their respective departments. Do you know who your department rep is? If not, you might not have one! Feel free to reach out to to join the team of department representatives.


Become a Supplemental Organizer!

Supplemental organizers are individuals paid through FSU to help with organizing efforts such as office visits, town halls, phonebanking, and event planning for 5 hours a week. Supplemental Organizers are selected after an application process at the end of each semester to start working the following semester. International GAs with FTEs below .50 (with some exceptions) are eligible for this position. Reach out to us through email for more information.


Become a UFF Organizing Fellow!

UFF Organizing Fellows are individuals paid through our statewide union, United Faculty of Florida, to help with organizing efforts such as office visits, town halls, phonebanking, and list work for up to 10 hours a week. This is a great opportunity for more experienced organizers who want to get even more involved. Organizing Fellows are hired on a rolling basis. International GAs are not eligible for this position. Apply here, or reach out to us through email for more information!

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