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United Faculty of Florida - Florida State University - Graduate Assistants United (UFF-FSU-GAU) represents and advocates for the interests of its members and all GAs at Florida State University.


GAU was founded in 2008 and is the only legally recognized collective bargaining agent for GAs at FSU; we seek to improve working conditions and defend the working rights of all GAs.

Spring 2023
Membership Goal

Thanks for a great fall semester. Thanks to our efforts and yours, our membership increased from 399 on August 1, 2022 to 550 on December 5, 2022. That's a 38% increase! That's both because of our supplemental organizers going door-to-door in departments and because of you, telling your friends and colleagues about our events and showing up to them. 

This semester, we'd like to continue this trend by increasing our membership to 800. Why? Well, this year, the Florida legislature is likely to pass a bill that would require 60% of the bargaining unit to be union members for all public employee unions or they would risk decertification. If we were decertified, you would be left without a minimum stipend, without representation if you have a grievance, and even without a collective bargaining agreement. According to information provided to us during this bargaining season, there are 3,047 graduate assistants at FSU. Increasing our membership to 60% of that number in order to pre-empt these bills is of paramount importance. 

If you're not a member, join now!


Remember, we're stronger together!

Lee Robertson, FSU-GAU Organizing Chair

GOAL: 1,828

NEED: 1,245

BY: May 2024

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