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Christmas Bonus? Bargaining 11/6 Could Decide It!

Happy totally normal Tuesday that nothing of importance at all is happening on, GAs!

We're sure this is totally top of mind right now, so we'll keep it brief:

Bargaining Session #14 will be Friday, 11/6, 2-5PM. Zoom link below 👇👇

Last week we had a FANTASTIC turn-out, with over THIRTY GAs showing up and making their voices heard! That's awesome and I am SO GRATEFUL for you guys putting the time in to be present at these bargaining sessions, even as they drag on and on to nearly the END of the semester.

Not much news out of last week's bargaining session: We did exactly what we said we were going to do and presented our plan for proration relief to FSU. We are asking for the first two weeks before EACH semester be covered, in addition to the last two days of grading days for graders which FSU admin has already offered us. This would mean 4 weeks worth of additional paychecks for you, if your department currently prorates away those weeks from your pay.

In addition, we asked for a $3,000 bonus for every GA.

We know that number sounds CRAZY (crazy good, amirite??) but it actually represents a compromise on our part. See, proration at the minimum stipend we're asking for ($20,000) could cost GAs up to $2,400 every year. Add that to the $1,000 bonus we were already asking for, and $3,000 is actually over $400 LESS than our last offer.

$1,000 one-time bonus may sound crazy in and of itself, but at the moment FSU's CURRENT offer to us is $500 one-time bonuses. Think we could get them up another $500? The only way to find out is to try!

If you want to chip in and do your part, well you can! No down payment required! We are not looking for your money but your STORIES: can you talk about the hardships you've experienced because your stipend is so low? What an extra $3,000 this year would mean to YOU? How being paid two weeks before the start of the semester would make you a better GA? Well then Send us your impact statements!! We are approaching the end here, folks, so NOW IS THE TIME to make your voice HEARD. Don't let bargaining end this year feeling like you could have done MORE.

And if you don't want to speak up, you can still support us!

  • Show up to bargaining (via Zoom! It's easier than ever!)

  • Forward this email to THREE GA friends of yours.

  • Peer-pressure at least TWO of your department colleagues to attend bargaining on Friday with you (digitally)!

  • If you know a friend who has a story to share, forward them this email or ask them to email us at!

  • Share our posts on social media, on your department's discord, facebook, group me, wherever!

In Solidarity,

Vincenza Antonetta Berardo

Chief Negotiator, UFF-FSU-GAU

Ph.D. Candidate

Philosophy Department

Florida State University

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