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Hazard Pay and Compensation for COVID


Our next Impact Bargaining session is this Thursday, 9/16, from 9:30AM-12:30PM. At our last bargaining session, the administration stated that they would NOT allow ANY health and safety requirements to protect ourselves or our community from COVID-19. They said NO to EVERY health and safety requirement we offered, including: required masking/face coverings; required vaccines; required temperature checks; required daily wellness checks; required weekly or randomized COVID-19 tests; required FLEX/Hybrid classes; required social distancing; and required outdoor classes. In response to their refusal to require ANY health and safety protocols, your union is DEMANDING that FSU pay for: 100% of the medical expenses of ourselves and our dependents if we catch COVID-19; 100% the cost of our FUNERALS if we or our dependents die of COVID-19; and reimburse all GAs for State and Local fees for this semester as a form of hazard pay. After all, it’s the literal LEAST they can do.

Regular Bargaining

We will also hand back our response on Article 14 this Thursday. The University offered to allow the GAU to give a presentation at new student orientation, but with the condition we do not discuss grievances. Obviously we need to be able to discuss grievances, one of our most important services as a union. We will counter with that.

Impact Statements

If you have a concern about campus reopening or a story to share, please email us at We want to make YOUR voices heard by the administration, so they can understand exactly how serious this situation is and why the current health and safety measures just aren’t enough. Even If you don’t have any particular story but are just concerned, SHOW UP to bargaining this Friday and remind the administration that all eyes are on THEM. They have the chance to do the right thing and save lives. Let’s not let them forget it.

We’ll be available in our “caucus room” for 30 minutes before Impact Bargaining this Friday. There, we will go over exactly what we’re presenting in more detail with you, so we can receive feedback from YOU, the members. We want to make sure we are representing YOUR concerns, priorities, and demands. So come to caucus at 9:30AM to make your voice heard, and then we will head over to the “main” bargaining room at 10:00AM to present those demands to the FSU administration! Looking forward to seeing you all at bargaining this Friday. Remember: united we bargain, divided we beg! In Solidarity, Vincenza Antonetta Berardo Chief Negotiator & Bargaining Chair

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