The Survey

In 2019, GAU surveyed current members to assess satisfaction with current stipends, healthcare coverage, workload demands, and other issues unique to Graduate Assistants. 

After nine months, GAU compiled data and successfully used this information to negotiate a stipend raise, lowered dependent insurance premiums, secure a vision and dental insurance option, and continued workplace protections. 

The data from this survey is presented here, to show members and non-members alike how GAs at Florida State University feel about the terms of their employment.

In Fall 2019, GAU will continue collecting data to measure GA satisfaction over the course of several academic years. 

Email with comments and questions regarding the data herein. 



Av. hours worked weekends:

Av. hours worked M-F:

"I love my department, but the fees, health insurance situation, and meager pay as compared to what I was offered elsewhere makes me question my decision to attend FSU every day."

-Survey Respondent, Sp'19

54% of respondents rely on family or friends to pay for education and/or living costs

30% of respondents perform duties not included in their job description

48% of respondents feel professors do not consider GA responsibilities when setting expectations and deadlines.

73% of respondents use insurance provided by FSU

1/3 of respondents say their office lacks basic office supplies, has visible mold, and/or electrical problems