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Bargaining Session 4: 5/14, 1:30-4:30PM

It’s that time again! Bargaining session number FOUR is this Friday (5/14) from 1:30-4:30PM. Link to the caucus room and the main bargaining room at the bottom of this email!

We will be presenting Article 10 for the first time (leave/paid time off), return a counter on Article 9 (copyrights and patents), and present a counter on Article 18 (workspace).The purpose of these articles is to once again try to fight for rights that empower Graduate Assistants.

Impact Statements

As such, we’re looking for impact statements on a few major topics:

Sick Leave/Caretaker Leave. Did you have to take leave to care for yourself or others and had a problem with your department? Were you expected to make up hours, work, reports, grading, &c. to an extent that felt impossible? Were you harassed for taking time off for medical reasons, for yourself or your family? Email us! Mental Safety. The University doesn’t think psychological health or mental safety belongs in our “workplace safety” article. Have you experienced psychological harassment at work? Is your workplace a psychologically unsafe environment for you? Annual Evaluations. Did you know you’re supposed to be evaluated as a worker every year—not just as a graduate student. Have you never had an observation, in your lab or classroom? Have you never seen an evaluation of your work as a graduate employee? You’re supposed to receive and sign one of those every year, and then they’re supposed to go in your file (again: relevant for job search reasons)! If no, email us! Harassment. Finally, as always, we are looking for stories about harassment. If you were belittled, bullied, sexual harassed, &c. by your supervisor or other employees of FSU, we want to hear from you. Impact statements can be anonymous, and we can read them for you.

We’ll be available in our “caucus room” for 30 minutes before bargaining this Friday. There, we will go over the articles we’re presenting in more detail with you, so we can receive feedback from YOU, the members. We want to make sure we are representing YOUR concerns, priorities, and demands. So come to caucus at 1:30PM to make your voice heard, and then we will head over to the “main” bargaining room at 2:00 to present those demands to the FSU administration!

Looking forward to seeing you all there. Remember: united we bargain, divided we beg!

In Solidarity, Vincenza Antonetta Berardo Chief Negotiator & Bargaining Chair

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