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Impact Bargaining 2: Bargaining Harder (#2)

This Friday, 8/7, from 2-4 PM will be our SECOND "Impact Bargaining" session, live on Zoom!

You might remember what "impact bargaining" is from our "MOU Ratification" emails/videos, but it's been quite the summer, so a quick refresher:

"Impact bargaining" takes place OUTSIDE of regular, annual bargaining, when special limited circumstances arise that affect the implementation of our standard, previously-agreed upon contract. For instance, a global pandemic causing us to switch to remote learning is not exactly business as usual, and means that some things from our original contract (like being expected to show up to our classrooms to teach class!) can't be expected to remain the same. When this happens, your union can request to "impact bargain" these new effects with FSU admin. And that's what we did!

Our asks fall under a few broad categories:Intellectual Property, Evaluation, Campus Repopulation, Safety Protocols, Continuity of Employment, Leave and Childcare, Housing, and Financial Equity.

Our number one goal of Impact Bargaining is to make sure our GA's health and safety are protected. This means bargaining for accessible PPE, health vulnerability exceptions, cleaning standards, &c. We do not want a single GA to be forced into a situation they feel risks the health of themselves or their loved ones.

In addition, we know that this time has meant huge disruptions in research, teaching, coursework, and dissertation timelines.This is why it is the firm position of this union that every department must provide an additional year's funding for any GA who needs it.We first raised this concern with the administration back in April. Now, an additional four months into this pandemic, it is more obvious than ever that current GAs need to be given the option of an additional year's funding, without exception.

Those are the major highlights of the asks we presented to FSU administration two weeks ago during our first impact bargaining session. If you want to see how FSU administration will respond, come join us this Friday! The more of YOU who are there, facing the administration, demanding your concerns be HEARD, the stronger our bargaining position is.You have the power to win these demands, simply by showing up to a zoom call.

Maybe you have some lingering questions? Well don't worry: we worked up a little FAQ for you. Of course, if your questions aren't covered here, you can always reach out to us on ourFacebook,Twitter,Instagram, orE-mail! We're here for YOU.


"Wait, didn't we already do this?"

Indeed we did! But that original "MOU" (Memorandum of Understanding) that we signed with the university just covered the spring and summer semesters. Not to mention, even more new circumstances have cropped up since then, and we want to make sure you, the hardworking GAs, are covered!

"But I just signed up to vote on an MOU last week."

Yes, that's MOU#1, which covers the spring-summer. This new MOU we're bargaining is going to cover fall-going forward. And yes, you will be getting a separate e-mail about THAT this week.

"Oh so you're going to get me a higher stipend on Friday!"

No, that's REGULAR bargaining. That's still ongoing, but we're not meeting with FSU admin Friday about that. Friday's session is ONLY for this special impact bargaining. 

"So let me get this straight: there's TWO bargaining sessions happening simultaneously right now--regular bargaining and impact bargaining--AND we're voting on a contract that was the result of a THIRD bargaining session back in the spring."

You've got it! Yes, my life has been very fun this summer. Please keep showing up to bargaining sessions to support the union or I might cry.

"Just give me the Zoom info I'm not reading all this."

That's the spirit!

Check your e-mails for the zoom link or message us on social media for it!

Looking forward to seeing ALL of you there. Let's pack that ZROOM ("Zoom Room")!

In Solidarity,

Vincenza Antonetta Berardo

Chief Negotiator, UFF-FSU-GAU

Ph.D. Candidate

Philosophy Department

Florida State University


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