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"No" on Requirements, Says FSU

NO Health and Safety Requirements

Yesterday, FSU administration stated in NO uncertain terms that they would NOT allow ANY health and safety requirements to protect ourselves or our community from COVID-19. They said:

  • NO to required masking

  • NO to required face coverings

  • NO to required vaccines

  • NO to required temperature checks

  • NO to required daily wellness checks

  • NO to required weekly COVID-19 tests

  • NO to required randomized COVID-19 tests

  • NO to required FLEX/Hybrid classes

  • NO to required social distancing

  • NO to required outdoor classes

We have tried EVERYTHING with this administration, and they continue to hide behind spurious legal excuses, even on requirements that they have no legal reason to refuse. This administration has simply STOPPED trying to control the COVID-19 pandemic in our community and is allowing it to run rampant. They have ceded this school year to the virus, deeming it too difficult to concern themselves with the health and safety of their employees and students. Well, your Union has not given up.

Hazard Pay and Medical Coverage

In response to this definitive, final denial of ANY required health and safety protocols, your union demanded 3 things:

  • FSU pay for 100% of the medical expenses of ourselves and our dependents if we catch COVID-19

  • FSU pay for 100% the cost of our FUNERALS if we or our dependents die of COVID-19

  • FSU to reimburse all GAs for State and Local fees for this semester as a form of hazard pay.

After all, this is the literal LEAST our employer could do, if they expect us to put our bodies and the lives of our loved ones at risk for a paltry $15,600 a year stipend.

Regular Bargaining

The University used the remainder of their time at bargaining not to respond to our demands, but instead to return an article on Orientation time (amongst other things) from regular bargaining. We are close to an agreement on this particular article, given a few minor adjustments.

Impact Statements

If you have a concern about campus reopening or a story to share, please email us at We want to make YOUR voices heard by the administration, so they can understand exactly how serious this situation is and why the current health and safety measures just aren’t enough. Even If you don’t have any particular story but are just concerned, SHOW UP to bargaining this Friday and remind the administration that all eyes are on THEM. They have the chance to do the right thing and save lives. Let’s not let them forget it.

Bargaining Committee

Furious? Despondent? Come to bargaining committee TOMORROW and help us craft some proposals in response to the University. We will be crafting our response to Article 14 (orientation time) as well as discussing next steps if the University rejects our final demands for COVID bargaining.

We can’t do this alone. Remember: United we bargain, divided we beg!

In Solidarity, Vincenza Antonetta Berardo Chief Negotiator, UFF-FSU-GAU

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