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First of all, congratulations!

By now you’ve all heard about FSU’s eight-spot jump in the rankings of top public universities in US News and World Reports. That’s great!

I’m sure you also all know that your hard work as GAs is a critical factor to these rankings. But did you know that the higher percentage of 19 student (or less) undergraduate classes a university has, the more that raises their rankings? And who do you think the university has teaching all those 19 student undergraduate classes? That’s right: it’s all thanks to you!

This week at bargaining I want to show my appreciation for every GA who helped make this possible. In the last academic year, have YOU taught a class within 19 or less students?

Come to the beginning of bargaining, 2:00PM on Wednesday, and have your hard work acknowledged in front of the FSU BOT.

On that note, our bargaining location has changed this week. We will meet this Wednesday, 2:00-5:00PM on the 6th floor of University Center Building A in Doak Campbell Stadium.

Even if you can’t come at the beginning, if you can come before 4:30PM we’d love to have you. The more GAs we have represented at these bargaining sessions, the more pressure the FSU-BOT feels to hear our imminently reasonable requests. I hope to see you there. And great work, GAs. FSU’s jump in the rankings is in no small part thanks to your under-appreciated over-achievement.

You should be proud.

In Solidarity,

Vincenza Antonetta Berardo

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