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Bargaining has concluded! Voting for ratification will be held at the HCB Pavilion Monday, August 28th and Tuesday, August 29th, from 11AM-3PM. 

Why is Bargaining Important?

Bargaining is, fundamentally, why Graduate Assistants United was founded.


Before GAU, the University could set whatever wages and benefits they saw fit without any obligation to listen to the concerns and struggles of Graduate Assistants. There was no minimum stipend, and GAs on a 0.5 FTE were paid as little as $8,000 a year for their labor.


Health insurance was doled out as a lottery system. If you weren't picked randomly for insurance, you just didn't get it. Even if you had medical conditions, or children, or any other dependents.


Every gain we've made for GAs has been made at the bargaining table. We've raised the minimum stipend for GAs to $16,250, secured health insurance for every GA who wants to purchase it, and even added dental and vision insurance options.


Bargaining is what makes your life as a GA better, and its where we need your support the most. Join us for bargaining - even if its only 30 minutes - because your presence increases pressure on the University to consider our positions and allow all of us to survive without having to skip meals, medications, or bills. Stay up to date with our current Bargaining season on our blog, or join GAU and you'll receive bargaining updates in your mailbox.

Remember, FSU works because WE do.

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